Phishing Emails

We are currently aware of a number of phishing emails that have been sent out to some of our customers containing links to “Validate my account” or Notices about expired services.

In all instances, references are given to Krystal who are our selected third party provider for UK Hosting Services. These emails were not sent out by Webterior or Krystal and should be deleted if received. Please do not enter your personal details or credit card information.

The emails, which use a template similar to legitimate Webterior and Krystal UK emails, appear to have included a link that redirects to a branded login page using a third party domain. Once entering details into the login fields, the user is requested for personal information including credit card details.

Legitimate emails from Webterior will always have a “From” address on our own domain ( and will include your name at the start. If you are not expecting an email from us, we recommend you always check for both of these things; Or login to the Webterior Portal via

More information on phishing attempts and how to recognise the emails can be found here:

We have no evidence to suggest there has been any compromise of any of our systems or databases.

If you do receive an email of this nature, please do feel free to get in touch with us to verify its legitimacy. You can forward suspected phishing emails to which will help us to provide appropriate advice to customers.

We do apologise for any concern this may have caused.

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