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The price you see for a domain name is the price you'll pay, we don't add extra fees or costs.

DNS Editor

Edit your domain with ease. Edit Nameservers, MX & CNAME records plus much more.


All domain contacts details are now private by default as a result of the UK's GDPR regulations.

Domain Renewals

Never lose your domain name again, manage your own renewals or allow us to manage them automatically for you.

Large Choice

We provide a large number of domains extensions you can register, making it easy for you to find your perfect online identity.

Domain Management

Allows you to manage all aspects of your domain name including contact information, renewals and more.

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Domain Pricing

DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price£101 £10£0
.uk£101 £10£0£101 £10£0£101 £10£0£101 £10£0
.com£121 £12£12
.net£121 £12£12
.org£121 £12£12
.info£121 £12£12
.biz£121 £12£12
.wales£121 £12£12
.cymru£121 £12-
.de£121 £12-
.me£201 £20£20
.fr£201 £20£20
.london£251 £25£26
.scot£251 £25£26
.co£301 £30-
.io£401 £40-
.tv£401 £40-