Is your website secure?

What is HTTPS and why do you need to secure your website There are so many technical terms and buzzwords that it can be hard to keep up with what’s what. However,…

Webterior 10/10/2018

Webeterior’s Future - Pricing Review

Thank you for your patience during the last 2 months. I know that at times things have been difficult and/or frustrating for some of you but it hasn't been for nought.…

Webterior 26/11/2017

Webterior now uses 100% renewable power!

Webterior now uses 100% renewable power! This was made possible through close collaboration between Krystal and Netwise, our new London datacentre. So thank…

Webterior 19/09/2017

Hosting Maintenance

We just wanted to make our hosting customers aware of planned maintenance to the Webterior Hosting Platform. On Saturday 13th May 2017 at 01:00, essential security…

Webterior 07/05/2017