New Webterior Pricing

admin - December 4, 2017 - 0 comments

Our new pricing goes into effect today (December 4th, 2017), although you won’t pay anything different until your next renewal.

We’ve updated all plans and VPS to the prices listed on the website. This includes synchronising addons so that renewal dates now match. In a few cases, this has resulted in clients paying less.

We’re going to extend the 10% annual discount offer until the end of January 2018.

New prices
Monthly Annual with 10% Discount
Standard Hosting £5.00 £48.60 with discount
Premium Hosting £7.00 £64.80

If you’d like to add a year to your renewal (whenever it is) simply get in touch and we’ll sort it for you.

While the headline price has increased for most plans we’ve also added extras that are designed to save you time, stress and money. For example;

Shared and Premium Hosting plans now come with SpamExperts and DDOS protection. We’ve also added Let’s Encrypt so you can have unlimited free SSL certificates. (If that means you no longer need your RapidSSL certificate then please make sure to cancel it via the Webterior Portal)

The new Premium Hosting plan offers improved daily backups and massive CloudLinux limits. You can upgrade instantly AND save using the discount promo if you want.

This price review – the first at Webterior in over 3 years – is essential to ensure the continued development of the company.